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Inktober Day 22: Chef.

A pretty awkward-looking doodle if I say so myself. It has been so long since I drew Arai and I have completely forgotten what his eyes look like! Gosh, what a stroll down Memory Lane! He was conceived for the stories my high school best friends and I wrote together, a bit like an exchange diary mixed with rp. Arai was head chef to an underground gangster boss. He was grateful for the prestigeous position despite the hostile work environment because he found mainstream employment nearly impossible due to prejudice. Reason was given that because he was deaf, he would not be able to effectively work with the hearing staff in cut-throat kitchen work. This despite Arai reading lips and having learned to speak. Others would feign ignorance and choose to ridicule his speech however and cover their mouths to make fun of him. So, he'd avoid wasting his breath. He grew very straight-faced for it. After a hostile takeover, he was offered employment by a rich-boy sociopath who would have no tolerance for anyone who mistreated Arai based on his different ability. Arai made the best food, and that's what mattered to him... The rich boy also found it an amusing challenge to try to break Arai's straight face, but in all fairness, he does that to everyone.

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