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Nasika 2018

Gosh, I am exhilarated. I purchased my love's engagement ring and wedding band on super sale tonight, and a cute little charm for me that cost less than my purchase credits. Our tastes are pretty opposite, so I'm so relieved he actually likes the designs I picked. He just doesn't get to know the engravings until I give them to him! Hehehe I've always been a shy earner, so I am so very proud of being able to purchase this for my love with the money that I earned. Not my dad's, who says it's his traditional responsibility. I did it with MY money from MY hard work. I earned this to give to him. I am so, so proud. I am shaking, my eyes are swelled with tears, and my cheeks can't help but pull back into a smile. I am so, so happy! 💍