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Done With It

(Not an image of ideal beauty.)

Yuna's getting tired of me too- drawing her up with no real reason but a picture. What she wants is a comic. She has meaning to me, but I've not shared it with you- at least, not universally and not formally. I can understand why people would not like her- It took even me a while to warm up to Yuna. She's brash, uncomfortable, and intentionally repulsive under the mask of sexual aggression. In many ways, she's my antithesis, but under that, I've found the parts of us that are alike. But I've not given you the chance to get to know her- just look at her.

The truth is, I wrote a novel over 1,000 pages over a few years and the same day I finished it, I lost all but the first 30 pages. Something in that experience has held me back ever since. I get ideas for stories, but it's like a brick wall I can't make out has been between me and formally documenting them since that day. I want to share my stories with you.

I thought perhaps if I wrote it out like a novel with some key scenes drawn as a comic and placed between the pages, that it might become more doable. Strictly novel is too academic, and strictly comic will take too long to produce all on my own on top of my other life obligations. I've kept everyone at bay long enough with my stories.

Tell Yuna to kick my keester with her envious heels so that I actually hoist myself over this wall and to the other side.