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A Good Book

A Good Book.

When I was little, I hated reading. I found it boring and hard to wrap my mind around because I'm a visually-oriented person who thinks in pictures rather than words. In middle school a friend showed me my first manga [...] In high school I learned that we had a local library and soon became a regular. [...] I went from a child who hated books to a teen who could not keep my nose out of them- even the picture-less text-heavy chapter books in multiple volumes. Manga severely aided my literacy. At 10 I was in the lowest-level reading group, and by 12, I was at the reading level of a freshman in university. I owe manga, and our local library, so much. [...] I love volunteering there- helping spread the positive influence it had on me to the youth of our community- and connecting youths to resources and to each-other through the programs offered. Never forget the power of a library and a good book.

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