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Jenna Marbles is Not a Rocket

Inktober Day 16: Rocket.

Jenna Marbles is not a rocket. She started where we are. Launched from a platform, she soared into the sky so quickly. A legacy was left behind her, its contents obscured, being viewed at a later time lacking its initial context. Rockets keep going forward without turning back. This was not Jenna. She did not ignore the past. She took accountability of it, reflected on it, and learned from it routinely on her journey. She did not wait for someone else to compress her smoke trail into a bullet to shoot her down in a public firey display. Some people think by bringing to light the past, she handed others the gun and invited them to take fire. I think it takes bravery to hand someone the ammunition and show yourself with full transparency. What people choose to do with it is not in your control. How you receive it is within your own. I think it is important to understand that people change. A video from 10 years ago excludes 10 years worth of defining experiences, lessons, and change that shape a person. A video from 10 years ago may not be right, but may not be a representation of who that person is now. If we want this world to become better, we have to allow people to change, just as you do.