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Yuna and the Unconventional

I did not draw Yuna with today in mind, but this works. Women in all shapes, sizes, skins, and bodies are all unarguably women. I unexpectedly came into an argument last year wherein I politely corrected someone's statement that not "all women" know what it's like to have a period because not all women have periods, and infertility should not make anyone any less of a woman. I was shocked and horrified that so many people were offended at the correction. I am a cis woman who, without hormone treatment, have been almost entirely incapable of regular menstruation and struggle with dangerous side-effects for it (ie regular decidual casts). I've known young cis women who never had a period due to nutritional deficiencies as a result of a few different medical conditions. For some, there is the hope that some day they will. For others, there isn't. And I do not believe mtf trans women should be left in the dust either. How someone defines themselves is not a reflection of you nor how you define yourself. To me, the exclusion of trans womanhood by cis womanhood over what "womanhood" is echos the presedence of white womanhood excluding black womanhood. Same issue, new face. We are more than the potential of procreation. We are the creation. And we are beautiful- ever single one of us.

In other news, I wonder if Yuna's sailor outfit is best in black or pink.
(Not an image of ideal beauty.)