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Laying in the Grass

Yesterday when I drew this, I was thinking about how much I longed to lay in the grass. There is a park close by and I thought the walk would help bring me out of a depression low. Today I tried to walk to the mall, which is only a few streets away, to gauge if my weak ankle will be able to handle the distance of the park tomorrow. I had fun inside the mall, besides witnessing a shoplifter being chased, and treated myself to an icy boba to drink on the hot walk home. For over 10 minutes, a male driver stalked me in the parking lot, stopping in my path intermittently, and when I turned the corner to the side of the mall headed to the back parking lot he pulled up next to me and tried engaging with me. He was leaning out of his car a foot from me. I thought maybe he needed to ask directions, but he did not say anything. I said, "Yes?" "How you doin'?" he said. " Fine," I said and he just kept staring at me, so I turned and kept walking, looking for something in my bag. He was making some kind of noise behind me after a few minutes slowly keeping pace with me with no witnesses nor close businesses to run into. I turned at one of the noises to find he had one hand on the wheel and the other, which had previously been leaned out the window in my direction as I tried to stay out of arm's reach was now in his lap. "Just admiring you," he said with a toothy smile. He continued on like this as I walked faster, pulling the phone with 5% battery out of my bag and quickly dialing. 911 would take too long to arrive, so I called my friend who was minutes away and was home. The man continued to follow me through the parking lot and only left a few minutes after he noticed I was talking to someone on call. He took his time though. He knew someone would not be able to come so fast. I was afraid he was circling around the parking lot with the direction he left, so I stayed on the phone with my friend until he arrived, sure to bring a knife and to not drive directly home. The cops told me that I should have called them first. Having dealt with them before over stalkers, I know better than this in my case. No park tomorrow. This pic has new connotations.