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Delfia, My Angel

I could cry to her. I could bury myself in her strong body and soft breasts. If I trembled or convulsed, she would not budge. She'd just stroke my hair and keep me warm until everything had just spilled out like a purge of tar. She'd keep me safe. She'd keep me feeling kindness. Even if she says not a word, her actions would say it all. I would cry until no more could be expelled from my body and I fell limp and heavy into her. She'd slowly lower us to the ground and stroke my hair as I fell fast asleep in her lap, not at all repulsed by the bodily secretions that escaped me. When I'd wake up, she'd gently push the hair away that dried to my face and ask me if I was some water or a snack. Delfia is not perfect, but she is the kindest and most compassionate of all my characters. I love her dearly. I wish we'd all have an angel like her.