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Doily of Nashka

Inktober Day 18: Trap. 

Language is a powerful thing. 

Trap is a loaded term. I would like to say it refers to someone trapped in the wrong body, but the term as an anime/manga  archtype seems inseperable from scenes of often fetishized, scandalized, and exploitative "surprise" biological sex reveals. That the person themself is a trap in the sense of having different genitalia than expected from their gender performance or appearance. Like their gender is an insidious scheme designed to lure in unsuspecting prey to thrust their genitalia onto, rather than simply their authentic performance of self and being a victim of sexual assault and/or voyeurism. This is a harmful stereotypical narrative of transgenderism and crossdressing.

Back in 2010, [...] "Trap" was the only word, loaded as it was, that we had to classify people who felt they were born in the wrong sex. I apologize for its use, but not for the conversation. [...]

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