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LinePlay #MyDreamGarden

This was my entry for Line Play's garden design contest.

Entry description:

I love pink with white accents. I tend to stray away from hot pink for more bubblegum and pastel tints. I wish we could change the colors of the teleportation portals, so I did.

My favorite flowers are cherry blossoms (particularly on zebra-patterned berch) and pink cabbage rose (though these are generic pink roses). I changed the magic peaches to magic cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom petals look like pink hearts to me so I included plenty of hearts as well. I changed the mining gem to reflect this. Even the groups and shop signs, and the Event balloons all fit the theme!

I once saw and fell in love with the use of a paint template to edge window frame with painted lace patterns, so I included it here. I adore scalloped edges and doilly patterns because they look lacey.
Whiplash lines in art neuvou have always attracted me. I used them for the feet and some design elements of the outdoors furniture, particularly the angel wings heart bench for reading recreation."