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He Likes Hands

I was so excited when I bought this backpack labelled "Llama" something for about $7 at the 99 Cent Only store. Immediately I switched my things into it and my boyfriend and I went to Wallmart to pick up a few things for a stay-in movie date. Two employees at the self-checkout approached me. Both women cooed about my backpack, telling me how cute it was, asking me how much it was and wincing when I said $7, and then after building me up over it the first woman said, "Yeah, and you can keep your diaper in it." I was dumbfounded. They had built me up only to tear me down. My boyfriend hurried me away and tried to console me in the car once I had processed what had just happened.

I believe that when people are spiteful like this, it's because they're frustrated that I feel free to express myself in a way that they don't. [...]

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