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My heart aches for a place I've never been. Art is my life. Perhaps in another life I'd be a geiko- a woman of art. I am too old to debut now, as geiko nor as a prima donna- what Mineko Iwasaki explains is the only comparable process in the Western world. I loved and excelled at ballet, and though my teachers kept urging me for private lessons, the precursor to debut, my family simply did not have the money for them and the payments for my lessons ran dry. After my car accident, I feared I'd never be able to dance ballet again. Now that I have healed enough to believe it may be possible to dance, I'm saddened knowing the possibility to debut has passed me by. In another life, perhaps... In another life.

(Parody of the back cover of "Geisha, A Life" by Mineko Iwasaki and Randle Brown.)

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