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Nothing to Say

(Not an image of ideal beauty.)

Sometimes we can't find the words to say what we mean. Sometimes it's too hard to try. Sometimes they manifest in other ways, whether we want them to or not. I, or perhaps Yuna, wishes to say something poignant here in the golden halo at her heart, but cannot manifest it as words. (For that matter, how can a heart feel so heavy yet hallow at the same time?) The space itself will have to do. Silence can be just as, if not more important, than words. It is not only our ears, but our hearts, that we must keep open. We keep fighting. Dear reader, please do not give up on loving yourself even if it simply starts with a kindness. Our hearts ache together, even if you cannot see mine. I send you my love.

Suggested support for those affected by ED and related dysmorohia: