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Working Through It- Part 1 of 6: Shock and Dismay

Hello. It's been a while, hasn't it? I disappeared almost two months this time. It is never intentional. To create is like breathing to an artist, and we cannot live without it. Please excuse this little selfish series over the next few days.

. . .

I use the word "I" too much in my art, but here goes. . . I was horrified by the things I was seeing, though they must be seen and internalized. The news was not covering it. It's still not covering it, and I don't believe it will. My friend driving home from work on a packed highway amid peaceful protestors was shot at by police with rubber bullets, hitting uninvolved commuters driving motor vehicles. "I've been shot at three times in my life," he told us after showing us his accidental recording of the first shots fired to his left, "And this was just as scary as the first." It was never in the news. I watched news livestreams of Coast guards storming in with their massive armored vehicles downtown to disband peaceful protestors with the Constitutional right to be there. I watched police removing the masks of handcuffed crying teens- their only protection against a world wide deadly pandemic- just trying to walk home because of the mandated curfew suddenly announced an hour prior and pack them together in the backs of police cars like sardines. I got a new phone and woke up to sequential photographs of a black man forced to smile for the camera with a noose around his neck. I watched my fellow artists and classmates who mobilized the morning after massive looting occured, who felt they had a responsibility to our downtown city that is home to our art and celebrates our culture every second saturday, to help clean it up. I watched private videos by them of my peers of color being taken away by overwhelming numbers of police with no explanation, searching through the plastic bags of garbage they had been picking up as if it was incriminating evidence. I watched videos by strangers of numerous racial assaults, even against defenseless children. This is reality. This is too much. Please don't forget. This needs to change.